We started the project with a babydoll that we found at the flea market. We made sure that she was hollow inside in order to accomodate the pump we would put in. We also needed to be sure that there was an opening to use in order to get the pump inside. Our doll had a removeable head, arms and legs so we figured that would be good enough. As it turned out, the neck was just a bit too narrow for the pump to fit through so we cut a slit in the neck.

This is the pump and adapter we used with the doll. We bought the pump at a hobby shop. Its a pump that they use in model boats and planes. It has two hoses attached to it. One pumps the fluid out of the punchbowl and the other sprays it back out through the doll's mouth. We run it with an adapter which you can adjust the voltage with. That means you can go from a trickle coming out of the mouth to a steady stream. You can click on any of the pictures to get a larger image.

Now that the pump was ready for action, we needed to prepare the punchbowl. We used a large orange plastic bowl that we found at the flea market. Pieter drilled a hole in it and attached a water tight fitting(nozzle). This is where the hose from the pump will attach to in order to pump the fluid out of the bowl and up through the babydoll's mouth. He also drilled a hole between the legs and in the mouth of the doll for the hoses to come through. There was already a hole in the back of the doll and we used that for the wires.

Once the hoses and wires were attached, we worked on the doll itself. This year we made her a gothic baby. I bought some small white baby clothes at a second hand store and dyed them black. I wasn't really that thrilled with what I could find but then again it isn't easy to find lace, satin or leather in baby sizes. My friend Kelly made up her face and hair. She also came up with the idea to give her piercings. They turned out really great! She even had one in her nose and eyebrow. We also needed to make the bowl look more halloweenish so I hot glued some spiders and mice on it.

Here are pictures of the finished doll and a short video clip. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

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