After searching around on the internet, we decided to make a pop-up devil prop. The Vile Things site provided us with a variety of choices for the mechanism. Pieter picked the 'lowboy' mechanism because it would be simple to make and had a great working motion. Thanks Eric for providing the inspiration. To keep the costs down, Pieter made the mechanism from scrap wood. He made the arms from PVC pipe and formed the joints with angled PVC connectors that he bought at a do it yourself store. He used a pneumatic cylinder, that he borrowed from work, to operate the mechanism [see 1st photo].

Of course the devil needed a good mask. The one we used, we borrowed from a friend but they are easy enough to find in any store carrying Halloween items. A description of how we made the hands, can be found under the simple pop-up link on the props page. The end result was a big success. We hid our devil behind the neighbor's hedge. You can see the devil in action the night of the party on the video page under Haunted Boerderij.
A motion detector triggered the devil to rise up at the exact moment that someone walked by. When the prop rose, it then triggered a construction that activated a small recorder which then played a prerecorded message. At the beginning of the evening, the message was 'peep a boo, I see you' and then at the end of the evening it was changed to say 'see ya later alligator'.

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