The Monster List
The ultimate Halloween resource site

Vilethings Scrim Box
Here is where we got the idea to make hidden scrim boxes in our tunnel

A great site where we got the idea to make our witch with cauldron prop

Basic designs for making a wobbling bridge

Vilethings Lowboy
The lowboy mechanism designed by Eric is what we used as a guideline for our devil prop

Halloween Host
Information about making a light organ for a thunder with lightning effect

Motion Detectors
How did the devil know when to rise up? We used this guy's idea of hacking a motion detector to trigger the devil prop

Haunters Hangout
Great tutorial for making eyes

Ray A. Rottin
Thanks to Ray's site our skeleton looked a lot better than it originally did.

Vilethings Simple Pop Up
A really great simple pop up prop designed by Eric.

Electric Chair
This is one of the sites we used when we were developing a design for our 2004 electric chair prop

2 Scary Guys
Instructions for making a prop rise out of a coffin. We used this for our 2003 coffin springer prop

A great site with lots of halloween recipes including the recipe used with the brain mold

The Halloween Kitchen
A great idea for turning a pizza into a pumpkin shaped pizza

Ghoulish Goodies
A great Better Homes and Garden slide show with 13 different ghoulish goodies to make.

Snake Bites
Instructions for making a meat and cheese filled bread in the form of a snake

Halloween Pasta
Awarding winning ears and eyes halloween recipe

Kitty Litter Cake
The recipe for that scrumptious cake that no one at our party would dare to eat!

Dead Man's Mealoaf

Costume Ideas

Costume Idea Zone

Martha Stewart

Makeup Special Effects

8 No Sew Costumes

Homemade Halloween Costumes

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